Solar Services for Long-Term System Performance

Suncycle can ensure you are getting the most from your solar investment.  Together, our team has 100 years of solar experience across wide array of technologies and covering the entire product lifecycle.  Suncycle provides consulting and analysis services and offers expertise in the detection and elimination of defects, and in system optimization and maintenance.  We provide on-site expert service for solar installations across the US and Europe, and our laboratories offer extensive testing for all types of system components.

We’ve inspected over 3 Million modules and audited over 500MW of system capacity in the US alone.  We can help you get more from solar.  Contact us today.

In-Field Diagnostics

We offer a variety of standard and custom inspection techniques including Electroluminescent imaging, IR Thermography, IV power measurements and custom Highly Accelerated Lifetime Tests (HALT).  Our mini-labs and mobile labs offer state-of-the art testing capabilities across the US and Europe.  Our staff of experienced solar experts can deliver accurate insights to inform your management decisions.

Consulting Services

We are experts in crystalline and thin film modules, solar systems and components.  We can provide system appraisals, design assessments and expert testimony.  Suncycle can check component and installation quality to ensure contractual obligations are met and compare actual performance to guarantees, so that you can take advantage of warranties before they expire.

System Optimization

With Suncycle optimization and maintenance services, you can maximize the energy generation of your solar system.  Our in-field teams can provide regular maintenance to keep your system operating as expected, as well as thorough system inspections and analysis that will discover ways to improve your system performance. We service systems from 3kW to 300MW, from coast-to-coast.