Who we are

Suncycle began handling international projects for renowned companies in the solar industry in 2007. Since then, the demand for services has grown as the installed base of PV systems has risen.

In 2010, Suncycle’s Engineering & Test Center went into operation in the heart of Germany. Industrial Test & Repair Methods as well as logistics services are offered from Isseroda, near Erfurt. This is also home to the Europe-wide project management team and the technical service hotline that handles all aspects of concerns and questions, in five languages, on behalf of our customers.

Since 2011, Suncycle has been operating its proprietary mobile laboratories for professional test & inspection work on site. The latest development, added to our range of services in 2015, is the CTU flexEL. The CTU flexEL, for the first time, allows electroluminescence tests during the day without having to dismantle the module.

Our worldwide expansion began with the foundation of Suncycle USA in 2015, and will continue to grow.

Suncycle’s management team consists of two founders. With 100% equity financing, Suncycle is an independent and reliable partner.  Our proven history of technical innovation and service excellence make us your expert provider.

Suncycle USA

Eric Daniels, Managing Director

Mr. Daniels launched Suncycle in the United States and serves as Managing Director.  Prior to Suncycle, he started his own business in solar services and also served as the regional president for Robert Bosch LLC’s North American solar division where he introduced structured financing, loan and lease programs and led all OEM supply for module contracts, customer service, marketing, sales and operations. 

From 1997 to 2010, Mr. Daniels was with BP Solar where he served as the Chief Technology Officer and global Vice President of Sales.  Mr. Daniels and team developed advanced module technologies and 6 Sigma quality programs and received over 5 top BP awards for innovation, environment and commercialization.  He has filed numerous patents addressing improved solar module reliability.  Mr. Daniels also held senior roles with Siemens Solar and IPC Westinghouse, leading sales, marketing, customer service and product development.

The Global Management Team

Samir Merzoug

Sales, Operations & Processes

Samir Merzoug was born in 1966 in Lausanne, Switzerland. After studying mechanical engineering at the TU Hamburg-Harburg he completed an MBA at Nyenrode University in Holland.

Samir Merzoug has extensive experience in the automotive and energy sector. For more than 10 years he worked as a consultant at Accenture and other management consultants with a focus on sales, service, supply chain management and operations.

Samir Merzoug is responsible for the fields of sales, operations & supply chain management at Suncycle.

Christian Straub

Technology, IT & Marketing

Christian Straub was born in Freiburg in 1965. After completing a diploma in business studies he began his career as a manager with an emphasis on technology and IT.

His technical know-how formed the basis for his many years of work as a management consultant, where he was in charge of the first international re-call campaigns in the photovoltaic industry, amongst other things.

At Suncycle, Christian Straub is responsible for the fields of marketing, technology, IT, processes and finances at Suncycle.