The achievement of target yields takes top priority for operators and investors. Special attention has to be paid to maintaining the PV system’s performance and output. Performance tracking has now become a standard procedure, but the preventive identification of faults and their remedy is just as important – before there is any loss of revenue. Suncycle travels around the US and Europe with mobile teams to carry out measurement, analysis and maintenance work.

Suncycle also offers assistance in the planning and construction phase with yield assessments and progress checks. Technical approvals and assessments during commissioning or at the end of the warranty period are part of our offer to support your investment.

  • Quality control on the construction site or when components are received
  • Planning and construction supervision
  • Operation and maintenance
  • System testing and troubleshooting

Dr. Mischa Paterna

Our contact person for banks & investors.

Independent Yield Assessments

During the design phase, we support investors and installers in the assessment of potential income. This yield report is the basis of the economic calculation of the return on investment of the PV system.

End-to-End Quality Control

Suncycle offers investors specialized quality control programs. With our end-to-end quality control, we start in the factory with inline inspections and sample tests. To protect against transportation damages and ensure the best quality components, those results are matched against mobile tests on-site. This process offers a comprehensive quality assessment and minimizes the risk for later surprises. Investors use the program especially when sourcing from lesser known manufacturers and when buying from not thoroughly inspected plants. More and more investors are negotiating quality assurance as part of their contractual arrangement with manufacturers.

End-of-Warranty Assessments

Suncycle offers comprehensive system analysis as technical due diligence for contractual warranties nearing their expiration. Based upon our assessments, claims may be made against the EPC and or manufacturer to ensure your system meets performance expectations. We strongly advise investors to schedule their plant assessment before deadlines expire.

Operations and maintenance

Suncycle offers technical and commercial operation and maintenance of large photovoltaic systems and solar parks. Our engineering teams and repair capabilities ensure quick response time and excellent service quality. As an independent and reliable partner of banks and insurance companies, Suncycle guarantees our professional service levels and secures your investment in a sustainable future.