Optimize Settlements with Expert Assessments and Oversight


Insurance companies can only offer attractive premiums if they are able to control the costs of damage events. Suncycle helps insurance companies settle claims from the evaluation through to the adjustment. Our experience shows that commissioning an expert test center, such as Suncycle, limits the amount and frequency of damage events.

In case of damage, Suncycle carries out the assessor’s evaluation as well as the oversight of any repair works. Significant costs can be saved if a component’s full output can be restored by simple and low-cost methods. Savings are also possible if the damaged components are returned and reconditioned.

Insurance companies can control costs through the optimized settlement of claims, thus making it much easier to calculate premiums.


Samir Merzoug

Your contact person for all services for pv insurance companies.


All of our assessors are long-standing, experienced PV specialists. We can offer the complete spectrum of all necessary assessments:

  • Damage assessments after forces of nature or theft
  • Yield assessments for revenue insurances
  • Takeover inspection for existing systems to clarify the insurability
  • Accompanying construction supervision to achieve the insurability
  • Inspection & maintenance of solar systems to satisfy insurance requirements
Single CLAIMS SETTLEMENT based on frame contracts

Suncycle offers insurances end-to-end claim handling. This encompasses the damage assessment, the advise for appropriate test and repair efforts including the needed work and the recycling and/or sale of the refurbished components. Examination of third party cost estimates are also part of our standardized service offering. Please ask for our attractive rates under easy to use frame contract conditions with fixed delivery scope.

major CLAIMS SETTLEMENT on project base

In close cooperation with insurances Suncycle provides loss adjustment of large claims – following natural desasters like floods or heavy storms. With our own Suncycle installation teams and our service partner network we are able to manage large projects centrally in a short time. For the insurance administrative expenses can be minimized and a transparent and cost opimized adjustment is guaranteed.


Not always the entire PV system has to be replaced. Often only single modules, inverters or parts of the substructure are damaged. With innovative testing methods and mobile laboratories the damaged parts can be identified on-site and extra handling be minimized. Costs are significantly reduced and client satisfaction improved.


To reduce the cost of loss adjustment Suncycle examines each individual component of a replaced PV system on its continued operation. Components which can be refurbished with acceptable effort are sold on the secondary market and the earnings reduce the overall claim costs. Suncycle works closely with SecondSol as a sales plattform for used components.