Support Services for PV Providers


Suncycle supports experts, PV installers and all other service providers in the PV sector with its test, analysis and management capabilities. Our mobile laboratories provide electroluminesce and STC performance test directly at the PV site. Our service centers offer laboratory grade tests, and we offer technical reports and comprehensive technical due diligence.

We look forward to exploring joint opportunities with you.

mobile test labs

Our mobile labs and mini labs bring the best of PV testing and performance analysis right to your site.  Suncycle can serve solar installations across the US and Europe.

stationary test labs

With advanced labs in the US and Germany, we can provide thorough testing of PV system components.  Whether you want to assess component quality from a new manufacturer or test the performance level of existing equipment, Suncycle can provide expert analysis.

on-site & off-site managment

Suncycle can ensure components are delivered as expected, installed to specifications, and operating as designed.  We can help you meet your contractual obligations and reduce risk to your business.

expert support

Suncycle employs some of the best and brightest in the industry, from experienced engineers and scientists to experts in management and operations.  Let us know how we can help you.