PV Service Centers

In the Eastern US, we offer a state-of-the-art PV testing lab, as well as a warehouse, for comprehensive component testing and efficient delivery. For in-field work, we offer innovative mini-labs and mobile labs, bringing the best of solar PV analysis right to your site, no matter where you are.

Our largest PV Service Center is located in the heart of Germany, we offer our customers the complete range of test, repair and logistics services in modern lab, warehouse and office space. The Isseroda site is also home to our multilingual customer service center. This is part of our after-sales toolbox for the photovoltaic industry. Service partner and technical training courses are offered here, and our European projects are also coordinated from this site.


Suncycle offers all common test and inspection methods for photovoltaic components in its test centers in the US and Europe.

Individual test and inspection specifications can be determined specifically for your needs.  Analytical results can be provided for all components of the PV system in a comprehensive report, with test results precisely assigned to each item serial number.


From our logistics hubs in the US and Germany, we can manage your warehousing, taking care of customized order picking as well as inspections of incoming and outgoing goods.


Whether you need temporary relief for your service department or a permanent customer service solution, you always have the right partner with Suncycle. Suncycle after-sales services are individually designed according to your specific project requirements.